January 31, 2018



How it works?

Why BazaFarm?


BazaFarm devices use IoT and work in network of sensor nodes to send data to the master which pushes data to the Internet.From the sensor nodes to the gateway,we use radio communication.

Soil moisture and its availability to support plant growth is a primary factor in farm productivity. Too little moisture can result in yield loss and plant death. Too much causes root disease and wasted water. 


  • BazaFarm helps in optimizing the use of water resources
  •  Data driven farming
  • Powered by solar energy 


Brief Intro

How it works


Farmers mainly use hand and fuel operated spray pump to spray their crops.The main drawback of a hand operated sprayer is that its user gets tired after some hours due to the excessive use of energy in pumping hence not spraying efficiently.



It consists of a solar panel and a charge controller which is attached to the pump or separated according to the farmer’s needs to charge the battery. The battery and the DC motor are attached to the container and are operated by using a switch.



  • Faster to use than conventional pumps.
  • Constant discharge to ensure high efficient spray to all crops in the farm.
  • Less maintenance required.
  • Use of clean energy.


The idea of the solar electric car came into existence in 2017. This electric solar car is for the transportation of goods. High transportation costs that affects the profitability of farmers in rural areas.

In 2018, this idea was presented in the TOYOTA mobility ideathon and won the 2nd place and received funds for developing the second prototype.

Its features: 

  • Speed: 45km/hr
  • Distance on a single full charge: 80Km
  • It can carry 500kg



It is a solar powered insect trap which is an effective solution for insect control in crop fields.

The device identifies pests and insects patterns and develops a pest management and control plan accordingly. The solar powered insect trap offered by STES Group is completely an automatic, economical and eco-friendly device.

RindaFarm controls a variety of pests including FallArmyWorm(FAW), flying nymphs and adults of leaf folder, stem borer moths, fruit borers moths, hoppers, aphids, white flies, fruit weevil and different crop beetles …etc.


  • Controlling one adult insect reduces 300-400 insect populations and subsequent progenies in the field.
  • Helps identify pests and insects patterns to develop pest management and control plan. It is economical and reduces the use of chemical pesticides.
  • The produced output has less chemical impact which protects the health of people and the eco-system.
  • No electricity nor manpower required
  • Eco-friendly pests and insects management device for paddy, wheat, vegetables, fruits, floriculture, horticulture and all large plantation crops.
  • RindaFarm avoids the possibility of trapping beneficial insects.