May 27, 2019


Rwanda has set to become a knowledge-based economy and a middle-income country by 2020. Therefore there is an important role of employment for economic development and poverty reduction.It is in this context that STES GROUP,  identified a huge skill gap among the youth and initiated a training program in the Internet of Things(IoT) and  solar technologies (offgrid and ongrid solar systems). Below are some photos of our training from May 27th to June 14th 2019.

participants during introduction to the training on IoT and solar technologies
first day of training on IoT& solar technologies
participants during field visit to see application of IoT& Solar Technologies in agriculture. They visited BazaFarm which is a solar powered IoT device developed by STES GROUP engineers

The specific objectives of this training were the following:

  • Describe IoT and how it works today
  • To program and build IoT devices
  • Powering IoT devices with solar PV modules
  • Understand basics of PV modules
  • To design ongrid and offgrid solar systems using software
  • To power IoT devices using solar PV module
participants visiting an electric solar car as a direct application of solar energy
Group Photo with all participants
Team Members during presentation of their project
Presentation of a project idea

The overall objective of this training program was to foster the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship among participants through empowering the youth with hands-on skills in emerging technologies which will result in:

  • Being job creators by providing solutions in different sectors such as agriculture devices and irrigation systems, energy, health, security, transport, telecommunications, construction, solar irrigation systems, home lighting systems, solar street lights, solar power plant (offgrid and ongrid), solar water heater, all required installations and others.
  • Developing products that are marketable at national and international level which will promote MADE IN RWANDA products.

The second batch of students started on 8th July 2019 and it consists of Congolese students from Hope Africa University and other local people.They are interested to learn more about solar technologies to explore opportunities in their country as the country is still at low electrification (15% as of 2016).

July 31st 2019 marked the end of an exciting journey for our international participants from the Democratic Republic of Congo who took part in our training program on Internet of Things and Solar Technolgies. We are thankful to all participants for their active participation and we look forward to more impactful solutions by these brilliant minds back in their country!Below are some photos of their certification ceremony.